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New Mountain top range

Reno Gun Rental
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Special: 10% off all Gun rental packages. Mountain Range is now available for reservation. Practice your move and shoot, drawing from your holster, tactical instruction, basic shooting instruction, action pistol, action carbine, 2 gun and 3 gun practice. Give us a call while the weather is great.

Reno & Lake Tahoe call or text to 775-741 0735
Veteran owned and operated

Machineguns | Rifles | Pistols | AK47 | M-14 | CZ-75 | Mac-11 | Steyr Aug | Uzi | SKS | IDI | Colt | reaction targets and more!
Today is : Updated Friday, September 04, 2020
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Shooting Tactics
  • Combat Grip
  • Tactical Shooting Training available call.

Reno Gun shops. Check them out
Big Shot Indoor Gun Range
Reno Gun and Range indoor 
Mark Fore and Strike
Willey Brothers Firearm
Sparks Black Rifle
Sportsman Warehouse
fn ps90
A FN PS90 just added to our Armory. Come give it a shot!!
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We are a great source for your Bachelor or even Bachelorette Party.
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Special Events: 

SheepDog Training. 2 day course. 12 hours. $995.
First day class room second day range time training on pistol, carbine and shotgun. We We will supply the firearms at no extra charge. You supply ammo.

Small Russian Package: Ak-47 (10r) Sagia 12 gage (5R) and SKS (10r). $99.00.

Machine Gun Rentals
Free 1 hour lesson for ladies with rental of pistol package.

Learn how to clean your Guns easily and the non toxic way!

Give us a call at 775 741 0735 and we can go through it with you. We can show you how to disassemble and clean it. We will also show you some dry fire practices you can do before you go out to the range. Prices start at $30/hr/pp. We will use our new training room in Reno. This is class time only. Range time is extra.

Come on out and try something different!
. Check it out here.

Come shoot these!

Fees start at $1250 which includes 4 machine guns and 200 rounds each. Add any of our other packages at a 25% discount to this package. Make a day of it. Full autos go fast.

These are subject to availability. One week in advance request is a minimum. Guns are not stored at the range and maybe committed.

Give us call or text us at 775 741 0735, You will never
forget it!!!!

We support the Nevada National Guard. I have donated a son to the cause. Go 221 Dark Horse.
Celebrate over 150 years of Nevada. Nevada Strong.
Congradulations to Washoe County Search and Rescue, celebrating 50 years of voluntary service to the people and guests of Washoe County including Lake Tahoe. Washoe Sar is a volunteer organization supported by the volunteers and special events they put on to raise money to protect the people of Washoe County and its vistors.
Any products purchased through this sight or our other sites (, , 5% will go to different veterans non profit or Washoe County support for their volunteer teams.
We are also

We are the oldest and longest active training facility and range in Northern Nevada

Do you need personal protection? We can help. We have access to licensed security groups in Northern Nevada. Give us a call.
775 741 0735
.Our affiliates have protected individuals from domestic violence to entertainers to high end government officials as well as news agencies.

We are Nevada Bachelor
Looking for something special for the Bachelor or Bachelorette? Give us a call and we can set it up. No party is too small or too large. Tell us what you want and we can do it. We do have tannerite.

We offer:
Firearms rental and instruction (specials)
Too expensive? Give us your budget, tell us what you want to do and I will make it work for you. Do not skip on training and instruction. Shoot outdoors with us.

Serving: Reno, Lake Tahoe, Fernley and Carson Areas

Military, Law enforcement, Family and School employee discounts available.

Shooting Special 2020.

1. Mountain Range. 5 person max unless you have a good 4 wheel drive to get to the range. Other wise we will take you up there. If you do not use our packages then fees are as follows: special $30 pp ( 2 hour min) and $25 per hour per person after that. The second and additional people are is $30 (2 hour min) per hour $25 per hour after that. There is an $120 minimum for 2 hours. If packages are purchased, range fees are waived for that person. Use of range with our package use the range for 3 hrs. Upon request, we will supply one firearm per range rental per person. You supply the ammo. What more can one ask? If this does not work for you, tell me what you want to do. I will see what I can do to assist you.

2. Long Distance Sniper Shoot. $500 per person limit 4 people. Plan 4 to 8 hours. Package includes 223 bolt, 308 bolt, 6.5 creedmore bolt, 30-06 semi auto and 50 Cal Bmg (fire conditiona may restrict 50 caliber BMG. Ranges from 100 yards to 1000 yards. You will shoot on level ground, shoot onto elevated ground and shoot to decending ground. Early reservation suggested. You will be transported to the range over rough road using a UTV. You will need water, lunch, gps, compass, back pack for support, Binos and camera.Great for hunting season practice.

3: Private instruction starts at $80 per hour, two hour minimum. Additional family member may be added at $40 per hour two hour minimum. Additional discounts may be allowed. The fee includes firearm of your choice. You provide ammunition. If we provide ammo, due to the limitation of ammo, a minumin of $1.00 will be charged.

4: 25 hours of individual instruction. You pick the firearms ( you can pick different guns during the 25 hrs, range time is included. Go when you want to. Hours can be used up to one year. 1 to 4 hour blocks of instruction at a time, its up to you. No one else in the area can offer a great value like this for so little.
Only $1000 per person.

We will have life time club memberships at $25,000 or yearly memberships starting at $5,000 per year per person. This yearly membership includes use of any of our firearms up to 4 at a time, 75 hrs of training, storage lockers for your items.

Private Desert Range only use.

1: Bring your own approve firearms. Range fee usage: To open the range it is a one time fee of $200 per person or group. Then it is $35 per hour per person first hour then $25 per hour per person until closing time. ( We will provide one firearm with the range fee. Ammo is extra. You may bring your own legal firearms but ammo will be checked and approved. No armor piercing rounds. The range fee may be waved it shooting packages are purchased. Packages must total a minumum of $700 to wave fees.

Private Mountain Range additonal information

2: Private range for up to 5. I you have a good clearance 4 wheel drive we may allow additional people. We do provide transportation. Different shooting locations with different distances. Shooting distances from 25 yards to 1500 yards. We will provide one firearm. Additional are available. The ammo is on you. Bring a lunch , water and a camera. No one else offers a shooting experience like this. Views of Reno, the Sierras and Pryamid Lake from one location. Rate is $600 per group per day (6 hours usage). If a second day is need we do provide a reduce rate. Maximum of 5 people.

Firearms instruction starting at $80/hr.
Includes one firearm. Mountain Range fee is included.

Firearm Comparison Special.

If you do not know the difference between single and double action, striker fire and hammer fire pistols this package is perfect for you. Is a revolver or semiauto better for carry protection? Check our packages out. We can provide you the education necessary for you to make a sound decision. This package for you. It includes all differnt types of hand held firearms to help you decide 10 pistols in all. Only $295 and we include inital ammo and basic instruction up to 4 hours, eye protection and ear protection, and insturction. Set this up today. Private range time at mountain range $0, Desert range +$235. Public range time add $20 per person.

1: Special Shooting Packages

2: The Armory

3: Bachelor & Bachelorette ideas

4: If you do not see what you want, we can build a package for you. Give us your budget and let us accomplish your goals.

We are also
Nevada Gun Rental .com

Range Rules! Please Read.

Special: Add training to any package for only $50 per hour per person. Ammo is extra or you bring your own. Build your skill.

Family firearm introduction for 4, $525. Includes 4 firearms, instruction and use of range for 3 hours. Additional time $100 per hour per family. Includes Private range time. no discounts available.

Detailed information here!

We can meet you at a public range or Try our Private Range. No one else but you or your group. Come make a day of it. Our private shooting area has a shoot house and a one mile range. Longest in Nevada. Get away from the public and uneducated shooters. Be safe.

Both or our private ranges are 50 minutes from down town Reno.
Range Time comes with targets, eye & ear protection and instruction,
Great for individuals or large groups.

  • Night Time Shooting is available.
  • Active shooter training.
  • Move and shoot training.
  • Room clearing training
  • Protecting yourself from a car
  • Situational awareness trainig
  • Firearm malfunction training
  • Dry firing training
  • Aggressive close quarter self defence training
  • Action Pistol
  • Action Carbine
  • 2 Gun practice
  • 3 Gun practice
  • Make your own scenario.

Range distances from 3 feet to 1600 yards.

Advance Reservations are always required. Please call or text 775 741 0735 to set up your appointment

Get on our range notification list and save on range fees.

Check out or Twitter pages for when we are at the range. While we are open and on range, you can come out for $15 per hour. But you need to make a reservation.
Here are our links: and

We are starting a special list for those who wish to be notified when we plan to be out at the range. Rates for range use while we are there will be $25 per person per hour. This will include targets and a range master assigned to you. Text us at 775 741 0735 and give us your name and place in the text "Range Time". We will let you know when we are at the range and allow you to make a reservation to join us.

Firearm Special


Want to learn how to shoot? Need to try something new? Contact us anytime. We work by reservation. . Call or text 775 741 0735 to reserve now!!!

Try our 50 BMG Rifle. Can't shoot that indoors.

We shoot rain, snow or sunshine. Please keep that in mind when scheduling.


To make arrangements to shoot with us please email us or text us or call us at
775 741 0735 and we will get you set up.


Special: Shoot our guns and your ammo. Some restrictions apply!!

We have exploding targets available. Starting at only $15.00.
How big of a boom do you want? 

Our Speciality includes: Families, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, one on one training, business team building and other events .

Reno (Nevada) Gun Rental is located in the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area. We have all types of firearms for rent. It is your choice. We are not a walk on pistol/rifle range. We can provide firearms to shoot at any location that is legal and close to you. This includes rifle ranges in the Reno, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada area. In addition we offer safety and marksmanship training before you are allowed to operate the gun. We provide metal and non-metal reaction targets and regular paper targets of different types. We can even build you a specific combat course.

We have recreational shooting, target shooting, hand gun shooting, sport shooting and long range precision shooting, firearm self defense as well as combat firearms training. You can bring your own or we will provide, individual pistol, rifle and machine gun rentals.

We use paper targets as well as metal reaction targets. Hear your hits.

Reservations or large groups need to be made in advance. However, in most cases we can accomodate small groups with in a 4 hour notice. Call or text us at 775 741 0735 any time.

Rules: Please know these before you come on the range. We will go over these several times while you are at the range. 

1. Finger off the trigger at all times until you are ready to shoot.
2. Firearm is treated as always loaded.
3. Do not point the firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy.
4. Know what is behind the target before you shoot.
5. Have fun and learn.

ID is required.

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the property. If someone appears intoxicated, they will not be allowed to participate in range activities.

Convicted Felons and are not permitted to possess any firearm or ammunition under federal law. Possession under federal law means even touching a gun. Please be aware. We do ask and you will sign a form stating so.

Training avaliable.
All Levels including childern starting at 7 years. Must listen to and understand instruction:

Interested in learning the secrets to using your gun against an armed attacker? Tired of just going to the range and shooting? Do you want to learn the tactics and techniques you need to actually use your gun as a tool of self defense?

We have all types of firearms and training. We have the famous H&K MP5 sub machine gun as well as the Mac11. Want to rent and shoot other firearms? Rent an AK47 and compare that to a Styer Aug or an M-14. We can do that too!

Some Classes we offer:

1. Move and Shoot

2. Retention Shooting

3. Long Distance Shooting

4. Shooting From Cover and Conceilment different positions

5 Intro to Handguns.

6. Intro to Long Guns

7. Tactical Shooting

8. Room Clearing

We have a full collection of Russian Saiga shotguns. 410, 20 and 12 Gage avaliable.

Proper Firearm Grip:

It's all in the hands. The hands are the part of the body that interact most directly with a handgun. And how the gun reacts to its own recoil depends on how the shooter grips it. Let us help you learn the proper grip for you. Everyone is different. Body Mechanics are different.

Schedule an appointment today? 775 741 0735.

Washoe County Search and Rescue are looking for a few great volunteers to join our team. Give back to the community and help make a difference in someones life.

Looking for survival food. Try one of our friends that has just started a business. Check it out at Northern Nevada Wise Food. Let us know what you think Thanks.
Washoe County Search and Rescue is looking for volunteers to join us. We provide the training. Help make a difference in peoples lives.
Reno Gun Rental and Nevada Gun Rental .com are part of Nevada Recreation Inc and Survival Inc.
SPECIAL : Shoot any Three of AK-47 slide fire, AR-15 Slide Fire,Uzi, Fn 2000, Sig 556 Russian, Golani 223, AUG, or SKS with a machine gun for only $160 per person . Additional firearms starting at $35 including ammo. Call or text to make a reservation now. 775 741 0735. We service the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area. Hotel pick up and return Reno available at $50 per person. Offer good depending upon availability . Call or text us for other specials. If you do not see it, ASK! Want to shoot more? You can bring your own ammo. Some restriction apply.
775 741 0735 call or text anytime: really: 24/7
Local Gun shops and Smithing
Pistol Special: Shoot any 6 calibers pistols (ammo included full mag up to 10 rounds) for only $180.00. Additional rounds available. Additional guns starting at $20. You can try them all. Pick any 5 from 38 special, 380 cal, 9mm, 357 mag, 44 mag (2 rounds), 44 special, 45 caliber, 45 Long Colt (2 rounds), 454 Casul (2 round and 3 45 Long Colt), 50 cal AE (1 round only) . We will throw in the 22 pistol for no charge and give you 10 rounds to shoot. Determine which caliber is right for you. Try before you buy. Other ranges charge $35 per pistol. We provide instruction and an unique shooting environment.

New to shooting? Add $150 to the above package and we will provide up to 2 hour class of instruction including introduction to rifle training. Bring your own ammo and you can train even longer with our targets. Discounts may be available for more than one person.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735 anytime. Offer good thru Feb 2020.

Reno Military Arms Shoot Special

Shoot an AR-15/slidefire, Ak-47/ slide fire, Sig 556R, UZI, M1 Carbine, Fn-2000, Styer Aug, Tavor, 50 BMG and a MP5 for only $250.00 pp. Includes ammo. Machine gun gets 15 rounds. Addtional firearms available starting at $25. .

Want to shoot more? We will let you use your ammo at no extra charge. Some restrictions apply.

Give us a call or text at 775 741 0735 to make your appointment. Good until further notice.

Call or Text 775 741 0735

Reno Gun Rentals
Law Enforcement & Military Discounts available.
Cool Bullet Impact in slow motion.

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